Ottawa Attack Kills One Soldier, One Gunman Killed Inside Parliament


Ottawa: A gunman has killed a Canadian soldier in Ottawa attack; the police shot him in Parliament while another assailant was also killed. According to media, the gunman stormed More...

A Face Covered Muslim Woman Ejects From Theater As Cast Refuses To Perform


Paris: A Muslim face covered woman ejected from Paris Opera Theater, France as cast members refused to perform drama. In France, cast of drama stopped performing, seen a Muslim More...

Saudi Grand Mufti Calls Twitter ‘Source of All Evil’


RIYADH: the top Muslim cleric said on Tuesday that micro blogging site Twitter is nothing but only ‘Source of all lies’ and destruction of society. According to Arab media, More...


US Airdrops Weapons, Ammunition to Kurds in Kobani, Syria

Syria: American military has airdropped weapon, medicated material and ammunition to Kurd fighters embattled with ISIS in Kobani, Syria. International media reported that weapons, More...

US President Obama’s Credit Card Declined At Restaurant

Washington: American President Barack Obama’s credit card declined at restaurant, first lady Michelle Obama paid for the meal. Barack Obama wondered when his card declined More...

Malala Yousafzai Wins Another, To Be Awarded Liberty Medal


Philadelphia: the world’s youngest Nobel laureate Pakistani personality Malala Yousafzai, received another Liberty More...

Court Upholds Pakistani Christian Woman’s Blasphemy Death Sentence


Pakistani Court upheld the execution of Christian woman accused for blasphemy in 2010. Media reported that woman More...

Action Jackson Trailer Releases, Ajay Devgan opposite Sonakshi Sinha 1 Action Jackson Trailer Releases, Ajay Devgan opposite Sonakshi Sinha

Bollywood: Action Jackson starring Ajay Devgan and Sonakshi Sinha has been released, Ajey first project with...

Amber-Le-Bon-Appears-At-Lingerie-Party-Wearing-Backless-Top-and-Black-Leather-Trousers Amber Le Bon Appears At Lingerie Party, Wearing Backless Top and Black Leather Trousers

London: Amber Le Bon chose outfit for MYLA’s 15th Anniversary celebration, the backless top and skinny...

Kimberley-Garner-Forgets-Something-at-Lingerie-Party-Wearing-Mini-Dress Kimberley Garner Forgets Something at Lingerie Party, Wearing Mini Dress

London: Kimberley Garner, at Lingerie Party with her daring mini dress with sheer side panels, has...

Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in The World


There we find nobody all round the globe, who doesn’t want to celebrate his/her wedding with pomp and More...

Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

“Health is wealth” is often called proverb refers to one’s health. But now days almost all of us are suffering from..

Top 10 Richest Actors in The World 2015

The entertainment relating, whether large or small screen valued none in front of audience lest it should have a well known..

A Thousand Shells Rained down on Pakistan, Radical Modi’s Extremism


Maharashtra: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s extremism came out openly said, thousands shells bombed over More...

Car Bomb Blast Kills 1 in Afghan’s Capital, target NATO Convoy

A suicide car bomber attacked on NATO military convoy killed one civilian in Kabul on Monday. Foreign media reported that suicide..

180,000 Moved Over Iraq and Syria Terror War

The UN reported that nearly 180,000 have been moved to other provinces and regions for shelter as war against ISIS continued..

New Look of Motorola Moto X, Beat HTC & Samsung

Motorola: New Motorola Moto X beat HTC-One-M8 and Samsung S5, has a new look with utilitarian design and powerful software well..

Nude Sleepers Feels Pleasant In Relationships

According to recent research, those people who sleep nude, the feels a pleased and strong relationship, it means naked sleep is..

BE Active On Social Media And Earn Money

Washington: After the great success of all social media’s websites, now one more new social networking website has been introduced which..

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