Priyanka Chopra Perform in Chennai on New Year’s Event


The event of the New Year celebration famous Bollywood actress Pryanka Chopra will be successful in this year movie.

According to the broad casting agency that she will be perform in the Chennai India. She will be performed in this event as a dancer. In this performance she will take big money. Priyanka Chopra will take 6 million from this event. She has accepted the offer and ready to perform.

In this year Priyanka Chopra’s film “Zanjeer” has been really flopped and the other Bollywood movie the (Krish 3) has been super hit in the recent year.

Sure by Bollywood actresses in New Year celebrations is common practice to perform and the compensation for the last few years have seen a rapid increase.

In the past event Priyanka Chopra and the most popular film actress Karina Kaif have received about 150 of the crore at about this nature event.