The Second Trailer Of Bombay Velvet Is Out

If the ‘just-about-alright’ lukewarm music and the first trailer of Bollywood upcoming movie Bombay Velvet have left you dissatisfied. The second trailer of Bombay Velvet is out. You can’t choose if you should catch this movie or not, here is something that will assist you choose – the new trailer. Filmmakers of Bombay Velvet movie have released the second official trailer for the film, and it is power-packed and much more impressive than the initial. Though we see glimpses of almost everybody here, it’s all concerning Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor.

What We See

Bombay Velvet’s New Trailer

This trailer of the movie is all about Kaizad Khambatta (Karan Johar) and Johnny Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor). It chronicles the journey of Johnny from being a cage-combatant to becoming a large shot and the proprietor of the Bombay Velvet Club. It occurs because of Kaizad, who is a ruthless and rich businessman. Kaizad and Johnny then have a terrible fallout.

What Works

Bombay Velvet’s New Trailer

The beautiful people, bigger than life sets, the feel of 60s, mafioso avatar of Ranbir, Karan’s fine depiction of a ruthless, however, calm villain. Jazzy getup of Kay KayMenon and Anushka, all this works and truly well as well!

What Doesn’t Work

Bombay Velvet’s New Trailer

Karan looks a small as well animated in few scenes. As well, there are times when actress Anushka is staring intently at the camera. It Is uncomforting (there is an opportunity that this is a fraction of the act. However, that remains to be seen).

BC Verdict

Bombay Velvet’s New Trailer

We love the second trailer of Bombay Velvet much more than the initial one – still more than the songs. Truthfully, Karan steals this show with his subtle infamous act. The songs may have been a fragment of a dissatisfaction however with this trailer, Anurag has created up for all of that.